Gammadump - a damage dumper for Anarchy Online.

Current Version: 1.4

SHA1: 3bdcf622 638c9dad 629a7e72 242cc6bf 3923ceeb
Includes sourcecode, Linux, Mac OSX & Windows binary.
Changelog: ChangeLog.txt

Gammadump is a damage dumper for Anarchy Online, i.e. a program
that parses damage logs from AO and calculates the damage that
everyone around has done.


- Focused on speed, that means no GUI or fancy stuff like "who looted what"
- Automatic pet detection
- Calculates dmg/activemin, a dmg/min value where the timer stops after 10 seconds of inactivity. Intended e.g.
  for inferno missions where you might have to wait some time
  between mobs because a teammate has died - which would lower everyone's dmg/min value
  and you wouldn't be able to see how your new equip affects your damage.
- Calculates the leechfactor, which is dmg/activemin divided by dmg/min.
  A low leechfactor means that a player was active all the time (never had pauses longer
  than 7 seconds), hitting mobs. Whereas a high leechfactor means that a player could have
  done much more damage, had he been more active.

Got a comment, wish or critic? Either /tell Theanor (if you are on RK3/DNW), or write me an email.
Address is included in the LICENSE.txt file you get when you download gammadump.

Forum threads: English - German


Gammadump output in AO

The Linux version

The Windows version